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Highway of Heroes

Flight Radar 24 Live air traffic (And you wonder where all the fuel goes)
Internet Archive
Wayback Machine. No one can deny what has been on the Internet
Looking for a VPN This is the one NORDVPN
Looking for a VPN This is the one NORDVPN
Canada Anti-Spam Legislation
Protect yourself against fraud
DealeXtreme - Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - Free Shipping
Find out if your favorite site is in Canada, not likely
Just Slow Down
Looking for a way to sort and FILL a DVD with your pictures?
Looking to setup your own home media server
Healthy Canadians
Privacy, Identity & Online Security
Trillium Foundation
Local Weather
Canada Revenue Agency
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory | Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Quack Watch .org
United States Central Command
Google Maps - This is the greatest thing I have seen on the web in a long, long time.
Try the satellite view and then try other locations.

Ontario.ca | Juno Beach Centre
NASA Human Space Flight | Space.com
Bank of Canada Currency Converter
The World Flag Database | World Map Collection
Ministry of Transportation
HTML Design Guide
Canada Postal code | Canada 411
Latest Scams and Frauds | Why 56k=v.Unreliable
Map Quest - Location finder
USA Weather Maps | Canadian Weather Maps
Popular Science | Model Railroader online
JigSaw puzzles
Canadian Firearms Center
Just for fun StrongBad
Go Transit Schedule

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The Game Spot

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