Stay away from ISP's and programs that support the use of Spyware!

If you don't believe what I have been telling you for years then have a look at the articles in the January 2002 Vol. 13 of Smart Computing

Maybe it's not big brother you should be watching out for.
It might just be that so-called free stuff you like to use, or your friends say you should use.
Have you ever thought about what someone can do to your computer if they had a program running inside your firewall under their complete control?

And for the places that display the trust symbol...did you know they pay for that symbol to put on their page? Maybe the more you pay the more trustworthy you become?!

These few programs will help out in detecting and removing SpyWare programs that are known at this time. Right now there are over 78,000 SpyWare programs out there but only approximately 30,000 are scanned for; the rest of them you just have to stop clicking the "accept". Please read carefully before you click.

This great little shareware program will cleanup a lot of things including Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, Java, Cache, etc. Once installed choose 'Select All' and click on the 'Empty Selected'.
ATF-Cleaner - download

Their homesite is atribune.org

This is now the best program to use for SpyWare This program even catches Root kit infections that most of the so called virus programs seem to be missing.
SUPERAntiSpyware - download

I know the name sounds a bit suspicious but it's a great program.
Visit their homesite for more information.

Oh look!!! Imagine this...from the people that allowed the infiltration of SpyWare now comes a program to protect you from it. Microsoft's Windows® Defender Only works on XP/2000/2003

This is getting ridiculous! But soon there will be no need for SpyWare - the ISP that you belong to will know every move you make, what you send, what you type in chats, what's in your e-mails, websites visited and even controlling what sites you visit. Oh wait...some of them already do.

Don't believe me?
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Created: February 1, 2001
Last Updated: April 4, 2021