Please read the information below. If you do the things from this list you will have no chance to remove yourself from Spam lists. But there has been a program developed that can look at your mail before you retrieve it. This way you can decide what you want to delete, block and bounce before you download to read.
Download MailWasher and the installation instructions

Spoofed e-mails are now the latest gimmick You might think you know where your e-mail came from. Well just because the 'from line' contains a person's e-mail address doesn't mean they sent it. The newest spam puts addresses from your own domain in the from line hoping that you will open them. Also if you bounce the message back to the sender it will go back to the wrong person. Just like the post office mail, if a person puts the incorrect address in the 'return address' spot, this doesn't mean the mail will not be delivered to the person it's addressed to. To see the true sender of a message follow these E-Mail source instructions you will be able to track it back to the system it was sent from. Something about your internet habits and what you are doing is why you are getting this Spam; they don't get any information from Line-Tap and they don't just pick your e-mail address out of a hat. Privacy Policy

This is how you get Spam mail.

1)  Registering your hardware or software. Why not?
2)  Signing up to play games with a web game site. Why not?
3)  Giving your information on a website to try to win something. Why not?
4)  Leaving your e-mail in the newsgroups. Why not?
5)  Leaving your e-mail on post message sites. Why not?
6)  Receiving or sending cards from the website card shops. Why not?
7)  Using any of the free mailers. Be careful with this one, some are charging now. Why not?
8)  Passing jokes from person to person without deleting the forwarded headers. Why not?
9)  Sending or replying to chain, good luck or be-my-friend messages. Why not?
10) Websites that display your e-mail address without encoding it. Why not?
11) Getting involved with ANY SPYWARE. Why not?
12) Any place you leave your e-mail is a problem.

A lot of places say "No, we don't sell your address". Do you know these people? Do they really care who you are? Do they care what you think? Do they want to get rich quick? Most of the policy statements are fake; if you look up these sites that verify these policies you will find the more the firm pays the more they are 'trusted'. They have no problem with lying and cheating to make a fast buck because there are no solid laws governing this. To stop this from happening and becoming a victim, all you need to do is THINK first!!!

More information on how your email is stolen.

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