Why you should not e-mail to free mail systems

Yes, some of the free mailer systems are going to start charging so they can stay out of the "free" category that we put them in .... But, people are learning...it's just taking a long time.

All the free e-mail systems take advantage of you one way or another. (Why do you think they would do this for free? .... really .... think about it!)

People who use the free mailing systems are just adding to the Spam problem. The programs that are used to send free mail are reading every word that goes through their system. At this point they create a profile of your interests using key words it picks from your messages.

Most people say "I don't care, I used fake information when I created the e-mail". The e-mail they created is not the problem it's your e-mail that you should be concerned about. When you reply to this person from the free system your profile is created using the method above.

Once the profile contains what your conversations were about the free e-mailer system takes this information to the advertisers and sells them the idea that they have a targeted audience according to the information they stole from your messages. The advertiser, hoping you will be interested, buys them all. Now you might think the friend you were talking to sent you this and you might even consider reading this form of Spam.

All the Spam content you are getting is created by conversations you have had via people at free e-mail systems.

The porn industry will buy all the addresses. They don't care if you are targeted or not they just send to everyone they collect...and remember, the porn industry is the biggest industry in the world!

It's very hard to keep people from using the free mailer systems when the schools seem to think they have to teach people how to use them; they should be teaching people NOT to use them at all!

Some of the big systems say they scan for viruses ...... Nope. When I have fixed computers that have viruses I have found the virus has come from some of these systems. Even some of the virus people get you to re-route your mail through their system so they can "scan for viruses". This is just another fake. They just want to see what your messages are so they to can get in on this advertising cash cow.

To see if your mail has been re-routed without you knowing about it, see if your account still looks something like this. Follow these instructions Setting up new e-mail box.

I have seen viruses that have passed through those systems as well.
You see, I fix your computer when it gets a virus, I don't just re-format and say "Oh, too bad, all your information is gone". The non computer people just format and it's funny but re-formatting a lot of times does not fix the virus, it just comes back.

Bottom Line ......... Boycott ALL free mailer systems. Use your provider's E-Mail.