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Removing Spam from your Inbox Using Message Rules

As with any technology comes the people who try to get-rich-quick thinking the Internet will be the way. Come on, do people really buy from a spam message they got or have people become so nieve they don't even know when they are being taken?

Message rules can be used for all sorts of automated tasks. I have put together one way that works with Outlook Express using the message rules that will only receive mail routed to you.
To set up this message rule, follow the instructions below. For this to work it will have to be the first rule in the list. If you have other rules please go to the rules as mentioned below and move this rule to the first one to be applied.

Outlook Express

  • To do this:
  • Open the e-mailer
  • Click Work offline
  • Click Tools
  • Click Message Rules
  • Click Mail
  • Click New
  • Click Add
  • In the first box select Where the To or CC line contains
  • Choose the box delete from server
  • Select in the bottom box the highlighted in blue "Where the To or CC line"
  • Add your e-mail address from or alias if you have one
  • Also add 'undisclosed-recipient' this is if people send you as a blind carbon copy
  • Select options button
  • For the first selection pick message does not contain the people below
  • For second selection message matches any one of the below
  • Click Ok
  • Click Ok
  • You can rename this in the bottom selection if you like
  • Then click Ok
  • Make sure this rule is the first or the second rule after the SpamStopper rule
  • Click Ok
There are many more applications you can use the message rules for. Just read through the list and set up a New Rule for each rule you want to make. This is a good way to reject any annoying e-mails you might be getting or from that persistent person who keeps sending you large file attachments!

Created: January 12, 2001
Last Updated: August 26, 2003