Mail Washer

  • Download the program   Mail Washer Free   It works as is with a voluntary registration for one account OR try out the new   MailWasher Pro   It has a 30-day trial and requires a registration of $30.00 US. It can be set up to use more than one account, other than that it's the same.
  • Install the program using the DEFAULT settings
  • Once it is finished, leave the STARTUP checked and click FINISHED
  • Click on the IMPORT button
  • Select the account you want MailWasher to use; usually just the one will be there
  • Click OK and that's it!

  • Click CHECK MAIL to start removing and bouncing spam
  • You will be asked to enter your password. Do so and leave the SAVE PASSWORD checked
  • You will then see a list of all your e-mail messages
  • The messages that are known spam will already be marked
  • You can then look through the list and select the messages you want to read
  • Make sure you turn off the bounce feature (at one time this was a good idea)
    - Click TOOLS
    - Select ACCOUNTS
    - Click PROPERTIES button
    - Click tab that says "BOUNCING & OUTGOING MAIL"
    - Click OK
    - Click CLOSE    Why You Should Not Bounce E-Mail

  • Click PROCESS MAIL and your normal mail program will open to retrieve only the mail you've selected (your washed mail). If it doesn't open your mail program automatically, click on MAIL PROGRAM. This will save valuable download time. You can even choose not to download the huge jokes and pictures that well-meaning friends send you (the ones that take you 30 minutes to download only to find out it's a stupid joke you've seen several times before!)
  • Don't forget to set the OPTIONS to use the SPAMCOP and other DNS blocking lists to get the most out of the automatic blocking
  • Still in the options, you might as well un-select the option that says "OPEN MY DEFAULT MAIL PROGRAM AFTER PROCESSING MAIL". If you leave this selected your mail program opens and gets the mail. If you had more than 30 messages, the rest of them might be spam and your mail program will now get them. It's better to "CHECK MAIL" and "PROCESS MAIL" until you know there are less that 30 good messages to get, or if you fill up with 30 then just run your mail program once to get that first 30 messages.
There's lots more help about this product at this website:
MailWasher frequently asked questions

Several people have asked why I don't just run a spam filter .... well, because almost 50% or your real e-mails will be lost. All these wonderful spam-blocker sites are starting to have real problems with that

I know some of you are already using spam filtering because all the messages you are rejecting are sent to my post office mailbox, so this tells me your software is not working

Also, some people are signing up to spam filters on the internet .... not a good idea. They are reading your messages to develop a profile about you so they can target information to you so it will not look like spam

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