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Virus Information

If you are looking for a virus scanner that catches viruses before you get them I would recommend McAfee virus scan. When you do go to install McAfee, use the custom install and do not install ANY of the junk utilities they make, only use the virus scan. Once installed, go to the options and turn on all the scan settings to scan all files. It's not much good if the program scans only .exe files when most of the viruses now are .vbs or .pif
Also, do not forget to keep the program UPDATED using the programs update feature. BEFORE you get that mail as soon as you get home from vacation, UPDATE! Why?

Please do not e-mail friends with warnings about viruses. You've probably just received the warning yourself from some computer wannabe. The information in a message like that is usually the farthest from the truth; it can even be the virus itself or a hoax, check the Hoax list or joke viruses.

Also, have a look in the Virus Information Library

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Online Scanners
Just incase you got behind in your virus updates and you think you might have something going on, try out the online scanners that these products offer.
Trend Micro
Bit Defender

For more virus information other then McAfee, visit F-Secure Computer Virus Info Center

Fix the KLEZ virus. Imagine this, a Norton tool that works!
More virus tools from Norton.

Why not use NORTON?

Is your scanner on?

This Test Virus will not do any harm to your computer. What should happen is if your virus scanner is doing it's job, this file will be stopped before you even try to download it. If it stops and tells you there is a virus in this program, just click on stop and cancel the download. If you are one of the unlucky people that get this file downloaded just delete it; it is of no use but to test the scanner. So, if you got the file, your scanner is too old or not turned on to scan incoming downloads. Look in the scanner help file to turn on the download scan. If you want to test your scanner for the e-mail detection then just e-mail me and I will send it to you.

Turn off 'Auto Complete'

Another thing you should turn off is the 'Auto Complete' that saves user-ID's and passwords when filling out form boxes or logging into the bank. This is what the new strain of virus is after.

For Internet Explorer:

Virus Information | Virus Test | Turn off AutoComplete
Created: October 20, 1999
Last Updated: November 6, 2006